Arthur Monroe (b. 1935 New York, NY) is a painter who creates work full of energy and spirit, blending drawing and painting to create his unique style. Monroe spent his formative years in New York City before embarking on world travels. He returned to California and became a vital force in the Beat movement in the 60s. Monroe has immersed himself in an investigation of non-European cultures extending from Nigeria to the Amazon. He has been painting his whole life and continues to contribute to the ever growing genre of Abstract Expressionism. Monroe has had work exhibited at the University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA), the Seattle World's Fair in 1961, Cellini Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Art West Association North (San Francisco, CA), Oakland Museum of Art (Oakland, CA), University of Santa Clara (Santa Clara, CA), Vorpal Gallery (San Francisco, CA) and Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL).