Book Signing and Conversation: Robert Lyon


You're invited to Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books for a book signing and conversation between gallery photographer Robert Lyons and Japanese photographer and former student of Lyons, Chikara Umihara. The conversation will center around their recently published photobooks, Whispering Hope by Chikara and Pictures from the next day by Lyons, featuring photographs from his 2013 body of work, which was shown at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery. The artists will explore questions related to how the design of photobooks relates to their own art practice and the culture of art photography at large, both here in America and in Japan.

Robert Lyons creates unique portraits with context that at first strikes one as familiar yet upon further examination reveal hidden layers. His extensive travels have allowed him to photograph subjects from Egypt to Ghana to western Massachusetts. One Eye Crying, a solo exhibition featuring new photographs by Lyons, will be on view at Elizabeth Leach Gallery April 5 - June 2, 2018.

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