Matthew Picton: Schneider Museum of Art

Matthew Picton:
Schneider Museum of Art

April 10 - May 25, 2019

Matthew Picton is a visiting artist at the Schneider Museum of Art. He will present a lecture on his work April 17th from 12:30 - 1:20 pm in the Meese Auditorium on the Southern Oregon University campus. His work, reliefs made from cut paper will be featured in the exhibition, Apocalypse, at the Schneider Museum of Art in Ashland, OR through May 25, 2019. The exhibition was co-curated by Richard Herskowitz (Executive Director of the Ashland Independent Film Festival) and Scott Malbaurn (Director of the Schneider Museum of Art).

Matthew Picton
Apocalypse Now #1, 2018
Archival papers on boards
34 x 25”